The Way Home 16″x20″ Acrylic on Hardboard – Sold


16″x20″ acrylic painting on a hardboard panel. Expressionistic, textural palette knife painting of path through the woods. Fits into any standard 16″x20″ frame.

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Baxter and I were out for our morning walk this morning, and it was such a beautiful morning that we decided to take the long way home through the woods in the Woodcroft neighborhood. I snapped lots of photos a long the way, and when I got back to my studio, I spent the rest of the morning on this daily painting. It is really too large for a daily painting, but I tried to keep it as loose and spontaneous as my smaller studies.  I hope that this piece might remind you of a day or place that is special to you.

Colors impact your emotions.  The spaces in which you live and work are very personal, and the colors and images in those environments affect your state of mind. The vibrant color combinations I use in my work are meant to add energy and joy to the space where it lives.

I paint with a palette knife to create textural, energetic, and impressionistic paintings that speak to my own spontaneous yet restless nature. My subjects are simple; hopefully they will remind you to stop and pay attention to this simple things every day.

This work is acrylic on hardboard. I use very high quality paints so that each painting, (even the smallest) will stand the test of time. All of my works on hardboard will fit into a standard size frame and should be framed without glass.  This painting is 16″x20″.

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Dimensions 17 x 14 x 2 in


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