Orange and purple

This was supposed to be yesterday’s painting, but it wasn’t working, so I scraped half of the paint off and left it until today so that I could finish it up. 

Midnight Floral

Beautiful bright flowers against that midnight blue sky.  I took a video while I was painting this.  Once it’s edited I’ll put it up on my site.

Red and Orange Floral

When I start my daily painting, I look at the under painting and think about what I might be inspired to paint. I don’t really give much thought to other paintings that I have done during the week.  When I go to post it on my website, I start to notice trends.  I am noticing an unusual amount of reds and oranges this week.  Maybe next week I should try some more purples and blues 🙂


Here’s another go at some tulips.  These vary in color more then the ones last week. 2″x3″ acrylic on paper.

Cream Colored Flowers

Another February Floral. I wanted to use some different colors in this one, so I decided to go with shades of cream and pinks. The petals look especially soft against the plum colored sky. This one is 5″ x 7″ acrylic on hardboard.

Orange and Purple Flowers

Purple and orange can look great together when using the right shades. Today’s February Floral is a garden with several shades of both. 2″x3″ Acrylic on Paper.

Daffodils at Night

For this tiny paintings, I started with a deep blue sky.  The golden petals seemed like the right contrast as I started to add in the flowers, and when I was finished I thought – oh it’s daffodils! 2″x3″ acrylic on paper.