When I want to do a quick value study, a pear always seems to be the perfect subject.


This beach scene seemed to be the perfect thing to paint on this second day of Splash.

First Day of Splash Floral

Today was the first day of the Splash event in Elizabeth City. I am here all week painting and playing.  I painted this tiny floral before I called it a night.

Tall Grass

Happy Friday! Here is a simple painting of some tall grass against a pink sky. It’s kind of a variation of my abstract florals.

Autumn meadow

This is another small one that will go on a note card.  The under-painting for this was so loaded with reds and oranges that it just seemed fitting to paint an autumn landscape.

Spring Landscape

This quick little landscape is loaded with green and reminds me of a warm spring day.  This tiny painting will look lovely on a note card.

Pink Landscape

The pink sky and flowers in this quick landscape just make me happy. It looks like a beautiful spring morning.

River Reflections

A very calm reflection painting for today. With the grey skies outside it seems to fit my very melancholy mood.