I find that I tend to use warmer colors when I am yearning for summer. The warm temperatures might have left us for a bit, but I know Spring is right around the corner.

A Lone Pear

I love pears. I love to paint them. I love to eat them. They are just one of my favorite foods.

Colorful Sky

It seems like Spring and Winter are having a tug-a-war lately, or maybe more of a pushing contest. But with this turbulence we often get the most beautiful colors in the sky, especially towards sunset.

Wide Open Spaces

On our recent drive back from Georgia, we took a route as we often do that was off of the beaten path. We drive through a few small towns and many miles of farm land, meadows, woods, and swamps. It can be very centering to be out in the middle of no where.

Time to Listen

Sometimes I get so distracted by a hectic life that I forget to stop and actually listen to the person that I’m talking to, but when I do take the time and make the effort, it reminds me how wonderful other peoples stories can be.

Small Acts of Kindness

Sometimes it is the little things that matter most in someone’s life. Just a simple, small act of kindness toward another human being could change someone’s day. Many small acts of kindness could change the world.

Clean Water

It seems ridiculous that we should prioritize profits for a few people over the safety of our water supply, yet it happens every day.

Fresh Air

There are so many simple things that we take for granted every day like the air we breath. I truly believe that we should do all that we can to keep our air clean and free from pollution.